The VOE is now fully-compatible with one of the most popular mail order accounting packages in the world: Mail Order Manager. You can import online sales transaction information directly into Mail Order Manager(tm)! And use M.O.M. to track shipping and handle batch credit card processing and much more.

We are now working on two new features for the VOE: COUPONS and Gift Certificates!! Yes, digital coupons to handle just about any kind of promotion and restriction from "buy 1 get 1 free" to "$x off your order" and more, all with detailed restrictions such as expiration dates, uniqueness, minimum order requirements, etc. Also a complete SALES AGENT TRACKING/REPORTING and integrated INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Using state-of-the-art Oracle(tm) back end databases, we will be unveiling a new system this summer to allow dynamic pricing of your inventory based on who refers users to your site! In addition to variable commission rates and automated reports - stay tuned for more!

Digital Payload Delivery! - Yes, the VOE gets even better, now with the ability to offer point-of-sale file downloads - with or without real time credit card authorization & capture! Our new system is incredibly flexible - we can sell your digital content online in a manner where it cannot be exploited by others - you set a time for a temporary download link to be made available to purchasers and after that, *poof* the digital content is unreachable, OR it can be only available one time at POS. This is just one of the new features avilable!

The latest version of The Engine(tm) now supports automated Affiliate/agent tracking! Yes, as part of the basic service, you can now have people refer traffic to your web site and generate reports showing exactly how much sales revenue is attributed to referrals, agents and affiliates! Our system is also compatible with back-end accounting systems such as Mail Order Manager! Read all about it here.

Now your web site, located anywhere on the Internet, can feature automated, secure, online ordering!

InterCommerce SecureSystem

Until now, if you wanted an online ordering system you needed to spend countless hours and big money to acquire cgi scripts, access to special servers and lots of programming & HTML work.

Not anymore.

ICorp introduces the Virtual Order Engine - a powerful turnkey service using state-of-the-art technology which makes it painless and economical to offer world class automated, secure commerce on the Web.


The Details:

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